Pomodoro tool is a "helper" for
Current version includes 25 min timer, 5 min timer and task-pad for a day.
As soon as 25 minute timer elapsed, it's add a mark (a pomodoro) to active task in task-pad, and suggests you to take a break for 5 minutes.

As for me, it helps a lot to concentrate on concrete task, take regular breaks and fill-in time reporting tools.

Usage guide

Timer window

  • Click on timer itself will swich between 5 minute (break) and 25 minute (pomdoro)
  • Play/pause button will start or pause timer
  • Stop button will stop timer and ask, if it required to add pomodoro to active task.
  • Tasks button will stop timer and popup tasks window
When timer elapsed, app will show popup and add pomodoro to active task, if any.

Tasks window

Left pane contains tasks icons, text field contatins task list.
Task list is just a text with following format:
[t|T] <task text> [p] [p] ... [p] [d]
  • [t] - inactive task
  • [T] - active task
  • [p] - one pomodoro
  • [d] - task is completed

Clicking on task icon will make this task active and close task pad window.

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